I've decided to add a blog page to the Green Bead Expressions website. Previously, it was on another site entirely. I think I may have an easier time with both on one site, since I have a tendency to forget multiple passwords (I think most artsy people are a bit scatter-brained, hehe).
     Hopefully, I can muster up the motivation to create some new jewelry pieces before summer is over. I may try playing with wire shapes a bit, and I have plenty of blank puzzle pieces to work with.
     I also have a whole stack of empty cereal boxes that I plan on recycling into small jewelry gift boxes. I recently had a birthday (I turned 29 again, imagine that!), and loved the butterfly wrapping paper on a gift my mother gave me. It will look very cute on some hand made gift boxes. After I crank a few out, I'll add them to the site, and they can be added to a jewelry order (or purchased alone), and I can put the jewelry item in the box, all ready to go!

     I have some ideas, now I just need to sneak away from the kids long enough to create them. I sure wish my craft room had a lock... or a door, for that matter.

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    I'm a mom of two with a need for a creative outlet. I love making new jewelry pieces, and love to wear them myself. I especially enjoy seeing someone else wear one of my creations.


    August 2012